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Material obtained by download from this website remains copyrighted to the owner.

Sharing these Scripts.

I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together the scripts that are available for download on this website. That means that this information has value, and your friends, colleagues may want to share it. The information in these documents is copyrighted. I would ask that you do not share this information with others - you purchased the script, and you have a right to use it. Another person who has not purchased the script does not have that right. It is the sale of this valuable information that makes the continued publishing of resources on this website possible. If enough people disregard that simple economic fact, the website will no longer be viable or available. If your friends think this information is valuable enough to ask you for it, they should think it is valuable enough to purchase on their own. After all, the price is low enough that just about anyone should be able to afford it.

It should go without saying that you cannot post these documents or the information they contain on any electronic bulletin board, Web site, FTP site, newsgroup, or ... well, you get the idea. The only place from which this document should be available is this website. These scripts are not intended for use in a 'for profit' situation.

Please let us know how your performance went!

Conditions of Use.

By purchasing an individual script the original purchaser receives full rights to stage that drama in that specific church, and to make additional copies for all actors or off-stage personnel.

Scripts must not be provided to other churches either now or in the future, please direct them to this site so that they can purchase their own copies.

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