Tempting Offers


A drama that deals with the themes of temptation, credit cards, money, marriage and internet pornography.

This drama is set in a living room. Richard enters and he is not happy. He is holding several credit card bills which he wants to show to his wife, Pamela. They owe over twelve thousand pounds on credit cards. Mostly due to Pamela, “buying stuff.”

We find out she has 8 credit cards. She has been doing most of her shopping online, she says she keeps getting so many “tempting offers” sent to her.

She wants to show Richard one site which has great offers when she notices something. Google has listed some of the websites recently visited and we soon find out about the way that Richard has been tempted. He has been looking at internet pornography.

Eventually he admits looking, and describes how it almost started by accident, in a small way but increased over time. Pamela explains how this makes her feel and how hurt she is by this. Richard is ashamed and promises he won’t look at anything like that again.

They were both tempted and found it extremely hard to resist.

This drama was used in a service on the topic of, “temptation.” It is a simple set but you will need a laptop, needless to say nothing ever appears on the laptop screen other then just a generic “bright page” so the actors appear to be looking at something.

I would give this sketch a “12a” rating as younger children might not benefit from the topic of pornography that this sketch deals with. Though let me make it clear that no explicit terminology or images are at any point used.

Drama length-10 mins approx

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