While Shepherds Washed


A Christmas drama that deals with the Christmas story from the perspective of the shepherds on the hillside, most of whom have just seen the message delivered by the angels. One did not.

This drama is set in Biblical times and requires the four shepherds to be wearing Biblical costumes. The sketch is set out in the fields where the angels visited the shepherds and told them about the birth of Jesus. As the sketch begins we see Jorrim, Seth and Nathan looking up at the sky in amazement. They have just seen the angels appear to them and they have just flown away into the star filled sky. In comes Aaron, another shepherd, with a bowl of water to wash the othersí socks.

The others start to ask him if he saw and heard what they just saw and heard? He says, no, he was getting the water for the socks! The other three then begin to describe and act out exactly what took place on the hillside. What the angels said and sang, and the message that they gave about a baby to be born in Bethlehem.

Aaron canít believe that all this fuss is about a baby that is to be born in Bethlehem. Loads of babies are born in Bethlehem, but they tell Aaron that this is a very special baby. He doesnít know whether to believe them or not. They could be playing another trick on him. They spend a bit more time trying to get Aaron to believe and then the shepherds head off for Bethlehem to see Jesus.

1 Drama length-10 mins approx

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