Anniversary of Another Kind


A drama that deals with the themes of marriage, wedding anniversaries and the art of remembering important family occasions.

This drama is based around a “family” that appeared in several sketches over the years. They consisted of a husband and wife, George and Yvonne, and also Harriett, who is George’s sister and lives in the same street. George and Harriet constantly bicker.

This sketch is set just a few days before George and Yvonne’s wedding anniversary, George has clearly forgotten all about it. Harriet has to remind him about it, when Yvonne is out of the room, and she also reminds George how important it is to celebrate a marriage, and put work into it.

This is a very funny sketch and requires one man and two women.

Ideally there should be a sofa on stage and another chair for Harriet. This could just be 3 chairs if a sofa is hard to find or indeed move! A remote control is important and I have generally had the TV offstage, with the actors looking out towards the audience.

This sketch is ideal for any Church service on the theme of marriage, or relationships. Couples renewing their marriage vows etc. This sketch was once performed at a service where a couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and it was a nice bit of light relief early on.

Sketch length- approx 10 mins

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